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Swan Hill TV District was formed in 1961 to facilitate broadcast reception to areas northeast, east and southeast of Swan Hill. Since that time the assessment rate has been $5 per occupied tract in the district. Now, since congress has mandated digital broadcasting, we have raised the assessment to $20 to cover the costs of the conversion. These include but are not limited to purchase of digital translators, digital signal processors and upgrades to the tower, antennae, and cables/connectors. Engineering costs are considerable as well.

If you think that you should not be charged in your property taxes, download this affadavit, fill it out carefully and mail it to...
PO Box 530
Bigfork, MT 59911

In order for the assessment to be removed from the following November and May tax notices, your affidavit must arrive by the previous July 1. We'll need to evaluate your request and get the information to the county before their deadline to modify assessment notices.

If you want us to mail a paper copy of the affadavit to you, send a request to the above address or phone 751 5155

We will re-evaluate the assessment and contact you shortly with the result. Keep in mind that if you do receive a working signal and do not subscribe to cable TV, the assessment may remain in effect. Since it is a public service, like fire, water, schools and sewer service, you are assessed based on whether you receive an adequate signal, even if you choose not to use it. In evaluating your claim for exemption for not receiving the signal, someone will drive to your house and tune KUFM radio at 101.3. If the signal for that is clear, you will not receive and exemption. The KUFM radio signal comes from only halfway up the tower while the television signals come from the top of the tower. There have not been any properties claiming non-reception that were truly unable to receive the signal.

NOTE: If you file an affidavit based on a cable subscription, you must provide a pay stub or copy from your cable bill from the current year.


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