Tower and Site

The tower is located at the top of Swan Hill, about 4000' above sea level, on a ten acre site purchased in 1979. It is a Rohn 25, 100' tall. We hire insured and trained climbers to install or move broadcast antennas when necessary.

Translators are located in a block building and are usually comprised of a digital 8VSB transcoder and translator unit. For example, the transcoder for NBC Channel 9 Kalispell picks up that signal from the main transmitter on Blacktail Mountain above Lakeside. We translate and then transmit 30 watt digital on 24.3. However, due to signal 'branding', your set or box will 'see' our signal as 9. Nobody ever said new technology was without some odd features!

We receive CBS CH 8 Missoula directly from that transmitter and convert it to translate it on our CH12. Because of signal 'branding', you will see this as CH 8 on your digital TV or set-top box.]


UHF KSPS translator CH 21
Larcan Transcoder w/30 watt translator & power supply

Upper end of new 120' 30" face Allstate tower. Topmost line is lightning rod.

Current array of digital translators in modular rack system with room for some expansion.

UHF Channels 14, 21 and 24 each broadcast 30 watts digital, equaling about 600 watts analog.

VHF Channel 12 broadcasting 3 watts digital or about 60 watts analog equivalent.

Left, Rohn 25 tower in service until 2011 w/professional climbing crew.


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Swan Hill TV District

Quality Free TV - Over the Air From Echo Lake to Ferndale and beyond.


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